a.pex- (Noun)-the uppermost point of an object

At Apex Property Inspection, that’s exactly what we desire to be, the uppermost in the inspection industry! 

Apex Property Inspection Commitments

01. Consistency

All APEX Property Inspectors are trained in the same methods and are held accountable to evaluate safety and function to their highest ability.

02. Customer Service

All APEX Property Inspectors desire to serve our clients with the utmost professionalism. Our inspectors will be on time and want to be good stewards of your time and potential investment.

03. Same Day Report Guarantee

All APEX residential reports will be published the same day of the inspection, we promise!


05. Objective

All APEX Property Inspectors are committed to having no conflict of interest with the real estate transaction for 12 months. Our commitment to you is to properly evaluate every property in regards to safety and function with no other interest of our conflicting with your real estate transaction. APEX Inspectors do not give estimates or referrals to ensure the integrity of our inspections and to serve you, our client, best.

05. Competency

All APEX Property Inspectors will hold the proper training and certification required by the state in which they inspect, as well as having additional training by the APEX owner/inspector in regards to client relations and the commitments listed here. Our inspectors also hold professional liability insurance to properly protect our work and your possible investment. 

06. Community

All APEX Property Inspectors are local and work in the community in which they live. We believe in and love our communities, and we desire to serve that community with integrity and passion and also desire to give back to our community in a variety of ways.

Property Inspectors


Laramie, WY

Jeremy Smith

Durango Inspector Will

Tyler, TX

Curtis Cannon

Andrew Lemon

Cheyenne, WY

Jeremy Smith

Andrew Lemon

Austin, TX

Coming Soon

Andrew Lemon

Hill Country, TX

Coming Soon

Meeting Your Inspection Needs

APEX Property Inspection

All Apex inspetors will hold the proper training and qualifications based on the state in which they work. All of our inspectors are also trained and held accountable to the commitments of APEX Property Inspection. All inspectors also have general and professional liability insurance which includes insurance for errors and omissions.

Easy to work with, very thorough, would recommend to anyone needing a home inspection.
– Austen

As a realtor it’s important for me to have someone that I can rely on to do a thorough inspection for my clients. Curtis gives my clients a very detailed and thorough inspection every single time. I have never been disappointed with his work. He is a great resource for myself and I would recommend him to anyone needing an inspection.
– Ben

“I had a truly wonderful experience when Apex did my home pre-inspection. Apex was very thorough and helpful. Jeremy, our Apex inspector was friendly and answered all my questions. I recommend him to others.”
– Alan

“Apex inspector Jeremy Smith inspected our new home as we were in the process of buying it. He was thorough, knowledgeable, and fair. He caught some things that we never would have on our own. He was great to work with, and I couldn’t recommend him more.”
– Brady