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APEX Property Inspection

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Tyler Residential Inspection

Apex Property Inspection offers comprehensive residential home inspections in Tyler, Smith County, Texas and surrounding areas to best evaluate the overall safety and function of a home. Our inspections ARE all comprehensive and include roof, attic and insulation, structure, installed appliances, electrical, plumbing, windows, doors, HVAC, and more.

Tyler Commercial Inspection

Apex Property Inspection offers commercial inspections in Tyler, Dallas, Longview, and all other surrounding areas. Our commercial service includes restaurants, factories, retail spaces, commercial kitchens, multi-unit apartments, warehouses, and much much more. Apex is certified by Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association and trained to inspect commercial properties of all shapes and sizes. We will use our expertise and training to design an inspection that meets your exact needs. Click below to find out more about our Commercial Inspection Services.