Apex Property Inspection

About US


Apex Property Inspection is a cooperative of local inspectors who are consistent, objective, and trained in uniform methods, all dedicated to the same company commitments. We prioritize safety and functionality in our home inspections, utilizing the best technology in the industry to ensure comprehensive assessments, enabling you to make well-informed decisions. Our inspectors frequently meet to refine their skills and uphold the company’s standards.

Multiple Locations One Vision

All Apex property inspectors are unified and trained to deliver in the following commitments.

01. Consistency

All APEX Property Inspectors are trained in the same methods and are held accountable to evaluate safety and function to their highest ability.

02. Customer Service

All APEX Property Inspectors desire to serve our clients with the utmost professionalism. Our inspectors will be on time and want to be good stewards of your time and potential investment.

03. Same Day Report Guarantee

All APEX reports will be published the same day of the inspection, we promise!

04. Objectivity

APEX Property Inspectors are committed to being completely objective in the inspection process. We are committed that no inspector will have a conflict of interest while serving as an inspector for APEX from with in 12 months of inspecting a property. Conflicts of interest could be that an inspector is also a realtor, contractor, or may work in another trade that conflicts with real estate. APEX does not allow for this conflict of interest to ensure that our inspectors are impartial and completely objective.

05. Competency

All APEX Property Inspectors will hold the proper training and certification required by the state in which they inspect, as well as having additional training by the APEX owner/inspector in regard to client relations and the commitments listed here. Our inspectors also hold professional liability insurance to property protect our work and your possible investment. 

06. Community

All APEX Property Inspectors are local and work in the community in which they live. We believe in and love our communities, and we desire to serve that community with integrity and passion and also desire to give back to our community in a variety of ways.

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

Lead Inspector/Owner

Jeremy has inspected homes for years and came to the realization that consistency and objectivity was something missing in the inspection trade. Jeremy launched Apex with this desire, to provide consistency and objectivity to the home inspection market. No matter your location, all APEX inspectors are trained in the same methods and are dedicated to the APEX commitments.