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Laramie, WY Radon Testing

Apex Property Inspection offers 48-72 hour Radon Testing in Laramie, WY that is instant and does not need processing by a lab. Albany County, and Wyoming in general, has some of the highest radon levels in the nation. Radon is a radioactive gas that doesn’t have a color, odor, or taste. Radon seeps up from the earth into the air we breathe, and comes from the natural breakdown of uranium in almost all soil.When this gas is released, it often can build up in basements to levels that are known to cause health issues.

The best radon test results are done over weeks and even months, but for the sake of real estate transatcions, a 72 hour test can give the buyer a glimpse of the potential levels in their new home. The results of a 48-72 hour test are not necissarily indicitative of long term levels, but do help the buyer assess potential radon risks in a home. If you would like a Radon Test for your home, please indicate this when talking to us or select that section when booking online.

For official radon levels in Albany County, please see their website at:

For more information about Radon in Wyoming see:

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